200-hr Course Content

200-hour Yoga Teaching Training

In ‘Vinyasa Flow’

4 October 2019 – 2 February 2020

About the Course

This course is recognized through Yoga Alliance USA as part of the school owned by our Lead Teacher Rachel Berryman, YogArt Collective an RYS200.  This course will be 200-hours of study in “Vinyasa Flow” style of yoga that will help you deepen your own personal yoga practice and knowledge, as well as learn the techniques and skills necessary to become an amazing yoga teacher!  This course will officially certify you through the internationally recognized organization Yoga Alliance USA  (you will gain the certification of 200-hour Registered Yoga Teacher—200RYT if you choose to apply upon completion of the course).

All classes will be taught by Rachel (with a few guest appearances from other certified teachers).  Rachel has taught and been the lead teacher and course director on over 25 Teacher Training Courses internationally at both the 200-hour and advanced 300-hour level.   She has over 7 years of experience teaching training courses at an advanced level to yoga practitioners from all over the world.

The course will be an in-depth study of yoga asana (the physical postures of yoga), pranayama (breathing techniques), chanting and mantras, meditation, yoga anatomy, yoga philosophy, alignment and adjustment techniques for correct practice of yoga postures, as well as the necessary skills and qualities to lead a 90 minute mixed-level yoga class—including a teaching practicum.  ALL classes will be in English.

By the end of the course students will be prepared to create and teach their own 90-minute Vinyasa Flow yoga class to a mixed level group of practitioners (from Beginners to Advanced students).

Course Overview

This course includes 9 weekends in Tirana; 25 hours of additional asana/physical practice at Tirana Yoga studio (with Rachel or with any of the other Tirana Yoga  teachers); 20 hours of self-study ‘Non-contact hours’ and assignments

Dates: 4 October 2019 – 2 February 2020

4-6 October 2019
25-27 October 2019
8-10 November 2019
22-24 November 2019
6-8 December 2019
13-15 December 2019
10-12 January 2020
24-26 January 2020
31 Jan – 2 Feb 2020

**Please Note: Students MUST ATTEND ALL SESSIONS and COMPLETE ALL ASSIGNMENTS in order to receive certification**

Max Number of participants:  10

More information on weekend scheduling and pricing options will be sent upon request of information.

How to Register:

Fill out online application form or email yogatirana@gmail.com for more details.

Course content:

_DSC1454Asana Practice—the Physical Practice of Yoga—70 Hours

–        Dynamic strength-building Vinyasa Flow and Power Yoga classes

–        Foundation in the Ashtanga Primary Series as developed by Sri K. Pattabhi Jois (a dynamic series of postures designed to develop strength, flexibility, and balance through powerful vinyasas)

–        Restorative yoga classes and Yin Yoga

–        Special Partner Yoga classes

Asana Rachel 12-03-15--36Meditation, Chanting, Pranayama (breathing techniques)—35 hours

–        Intense breathing techniques for balancing the nervous system

–        Chanting traditional mantras in Sanskrit

–        Traditional silent seated meditation practice

–       Dynamic meditations

–        Yoga Nidra (yogic sleep)

Alignment and Adjustment Techniques for Asana Practice—30 hours16904692_10210770041621551_5710806100720819195_o

–        Correct alignment of yoga postures to teach others safely

–        Teaching methodology and general teaching skills

–        Verbal and physical adjustments to guide students in their yoga practice

–        Hands-on physical adjustment technique practice


16903467_10210769977219941_9163370456434681244_oAnatomy—25 hours

–        Practical applications of anatomy in specific yoga postures

–        Physical benefits and cautions for yoga


–        Comparative anatomy and understanding different body types

Philosophy—25 hours

–        Study of sage Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras

–        Basic understanding of Vedas and influence on Indian Philosophy

–        Contemporary understanding of yoga and the East-West interchange

–        Basic ethics for yoga teachers


_DSC1557Teaching Practicum—15 hours

–        Practice teaching in small and large group settings

–        Ability to practice teaching in a studio setting to a mixed level class of yoga practitioners